Monday 26 December 2011

South London store

I'm looking around for some uncomplicated background buildings for the forthcoming 7mm project(s) and noticed this in one of the salubrious parts of South London on the way to work this week. I'm guessing that it was part of a builders yard or similar. My first thought was a stable, but the remaining plinths are in the wrong places and either too big or too small.South London store What caught my eye was the RSJ and pulley to access the first floor door which would indicate the need to get heavy or bulky items upstairs. There is no evidence of a chimney either so a store seems favourite.


  1. Looks like it might be an old Linhay, a fodder store for a large stables since demolished...perhaps for some of the myriad horses used in London in victorian times? Later repurposed as a builders yard or whatever. The pulley could be a later addition, but bales of hay are heavy, trust me!
    Looks like a very promising subject for a model.

  2. Thanks Iain. Now I've learnt something. The definition of 'linhay' states 'open sided building.. which may explain the long lintel on the lower photo. So would the ground floor be completely open? I'm getting a picture of a space with bales and carts below an enclosed first floor.

  3. Yes, the ground floor would be open on one side...originally before RSJ's and all that, the roof would be supported by a couple of vertical posts and the floor supports for the upper works hung from this. There are a couple round here, will have to go out (if it ever stops raining) and photo them.