Sunday 1 January 2012

Gloomy Seaford

Seaford LBSCR station buildings It was always traditional for me to wander down to the coast on New Years Day and photograph whatever was running down to Seaford, but I hadn't done it for a number of years. Today Mrs. F demanded a beach walk so the practice was a least partially resurrected.
Only a glimpse of a 313 unit that was too for away to photograph. So a drink in the Wellie and a wander back past the station. For students of the LBSCR this is just about as original as any of that company's buildings are these days.


  1. Do you remember the graffiti that graced(?) the down side of the bridge abutment at Glynde station for several years?
    "ANARCHY FOR SEAFORD" always struck me as rather amusing....dunno why, it just did!

  2. That brought back a nice memory...I sat and drew the station once, back in the eighties. Nice to see it still stands!

  3. Si: I never saw it. I thought it was a local urban myth.
    Iain: very much standing. Is the drawing still in existance?