Friday, 17 February 2012

Dolgoch station

Dolgoch stationNext on the agenda to build is the station shelter. Tal-coed is inspired by a Roy Link(?) article in an early 80s RM which was in turn inspired by the TRPS display stand of 1956 most recently featured in the 2007 BRM annual. I have about my person a drawing of Dolgoch station bought from Towyn station show many years ago when Mrs. F was still dancing round the bonfire in rompers. It shows a completely open box type structure. Yet the fronspiece of Boyd's Tall-y-llyn Railway shows Mrs Boyd sitting on the platform and the bottom of a door in the background not dissimilar to the above. So in the interests of research only: was there, and has there always been a door and store room in Dolgoch station?

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  1. I've just had a look in my copy of the "Past and Present" book on the TR, and (predictably) the H.Casserley photo of Dolgoch taken in 1948 doesn't quite show far enough into the shelter to see if there was a door there or not.
    However, it does appear that there was a wall going back at right angles from the front wall, so there was certainly something there, in contrast with views of the similar shelter at Rhdyronen where there's just the thickness of the end of the wall and no sign of any sort of partition.
    One little thing I noticed on the Dolgoch photo is the remnants of a seat against the wall....just the wooden uprights looking pretty decayed with the top missing....might make a nice feature to model.
    I've had a look through several books that have photos of the TR and it seems that a large percentage of the photos taken at Dolgoch (at least pre-preservation) are the "classic" view of the loco and slate water tower, with very few showing anything of the front of the shelter. What we need is a time machine and someone with a digital camera.....
    Watching this with interest,