Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Plates, bogies and a creep

I'm piled up with 'other stuff' at the moment, so any modelling has to be done on the fly.
A couple of days ago a large package arrived: I had cornered Mr Fulljames at ExpoNG to see if it were possible to etch me a couple of Sentinel works plates to go on the 7mm model that I built a while back. 'Anything is possible' he said and here they are. I assume these are now a stock item and can be produced for other scales as well. Contact Steve at the Narrow Planet factory via the link on your right.
Two 'on the fly' projects: The cattle creep for the 009 project below is a Wills kit as per the box. However there are no internal fittings which I though strange. This is a plus because you can stretch to whatever width you want, but not as you have to buy a bit of stone wall to do it - clever marketing. Luckily I could cobble from scraps. My free cottage kit from Mr. Wright is providing 80% of the materials for this layout.
The above are the bogies for the 009 Society 'toastrack' coach kit that I got at the Beds and Bucks show. I assume standard Parkside products. Clean up, snap the wheels in and grind the pin-points in a little, check gauge, done.

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