Monday 12 March 2012

End of an era

I bought a pair of toolboxes in Payless DIY (whatever happened to them?) in Rustington for £1.99 apiece. This must have been near on twenty years ago since I moved from the area (read: I got fed up with dodging flying crockery) in 1995.

The hinge system is just a thinner bit of the casing so I'm surprised they've lasted this long. This is the 'Number one box that sits at my feet like a faithful Irish Setter in the modelling room and gets taken to exhibitions. Number two lives upstairs and carries the stuff I don't use too often like Loctite 601 and broaches. Safe to say that all I've done is swap the contents over and not surprisingly found a load of things that I didn't know that I'd bought. Toolboxes have chronological layers...

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