Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Small bridge in 009 for Tal-coed

Small bridge in 009 for Tal-coedI needed another small bridge to semi mask the the RH hole in the sky, so did the usual browse through the bookshelves looking for inspiration. I eventually found a photo of a small bridge in John Scott Thomas' Corris book, this prototype being situated just north of the town and running between what appears to be two gardens. Simply a large slab of slate with low walls on top. Which translates to a piece of 80thou plasticard and two lengths of the garden wall sections from the cottage kit. These are meant to be stuck back to back, but as you can't see the back...

I say goodbye to another old friend from this gathering today who went far too early. See you later.

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  1. That's a very nice bridge,just goes to show that less is often more. Are you thinking about adding gates to the end(s)?
    The photo at Golf Links brings back a few memories;the copy of the R&C book that Laurie signed to Maria and I on the centenary day does the same........