Wednesday 14 March 2012

Sentinal works plates in 7mm scale

Sentinal works plates in 7mm scaleJust to draw this page back from 'scenic modeller's monthly' and show a few toy trains again, here's the Sentinal complete with Narrow Planet plates as shown in the post below.
Easy enough to put on: a coat of red paint, then sanded to bring out the raised detail and stuck on with the arse-end of the tube of Bost**k. The loco...? Well it's just a couple of boxes...
The reason that there a so few pictures of 'trains' here, is that in general I have to build the bloody things. Occasionally, as with the Rhiw stock, it comes in a box, but by and large these days the stuff I build for myself are kits, or in this case carved from a solid block of Elm with an old penknife.

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