Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mallorcan Tram

Mallorcan TramI don't want to turn this in to a holiday review, however there were so many interesting bits of machinery on the island that it's hard not to. At t'other end of the Soller Railway lies not only the town, but a tram link down to the port on yet another 3' gauge line. The stock is, as can be seen above, fairly generic European tramcars and trailers... and none the worse for that. I've found now that I didn't take any photos, being more interested in video-ing (more of this later) so I'm having to raid Mrs. F's camera for the stills. The lovely aspect of riding in the front of these was watching the driver 'notching' up and down with the handle on the original Dick Kerr control equipment.

And the video...


  1. I actually thought the photo was of a model. I really have to get to Mallorca.

  2. Me too! The front view of that tramcar looks VERY similar to my model of a Lisbon tram.....

  3. .....which is because it is a Lisbon tram, looks a lot better without the roof-mounted destination box though, and I like the livery too.....think my tram may well end up that colour or similar. Thanks for the inspiration!