Friday 20 April 2012

New Radnor station

New  Radnor stationA few moths ago Railway Modeller published an article on New Radnor station - the buildings of which still stand in a caravan park. The thrust of the piece was that the plan and possibly the buildings only would be a good influence for a small branch terminus. The problem was that the article was a bit short on period photos. Here though is a find from t'internet which I think is New Radnor in the '20s. A platform no more than 200' and a very dinky station building. Real RM grist and perfect for the Art of Compromise plan.


  1. Yes, pretty sure it is New Radnor; I have a copy of the Wild Swan book if you want to borrow it. I've often thought it would make a good ptototype to base a GWR blt on...would be nice in 3mm.
    I was in the area last may but somehow managed to
    avoid finding the station....I think it's now a self-catering cottage with caravans/camping.
    Once the current project is done I want to get on with a GWR layout in EM, though it'll be somewhwe a bit less wild and wooly than NR I think!

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