Thursday 10 May 2012

Porthmadog 2

NGG 16

I can stop for breath now. Having put all the things I should be doing on hold in order to play with the train set in Wales, I've had to play catch-up with all the life bits since the weekend. Now I can get on with the stuff I want to do like writing the rubbish on here.

I'd have to say that the weekend was one of the most rounded and complete exhibition runs I've done. What surprised me was how quiet Porthmadog was in overall terms for a Bank Holiday - I wouldn't normally have considered going away on that weekend. Saying that, the show was busy - up on last year I believe. Fun was the watch word. This spilling into the pub on harbour station post show with the catering department. There were some cracking exhibits in the room and the banter factor was high. John Coulter's Llanfair in S was opposite and had me drooling all weekend as did Angus Watkins' Tan-y- Bwlch.

Either side of the exhibition were rides on the FR up to Blaenau on the friday and a little train chasing on the TR on the monday. Both I may hasten to add at Mrs F's suggestion who was quite serious in saying that we should race Tallyllyn from Dolgoch to Abergynolwyn.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Port.I'm disappointed I couldn't get down to the you know when freelance, work always comes in force and all at once, then there is nothing for months, so I was chained to the drawing board!

    Just discovered your YouTube channel...brilliant!

  2. I wondered if you'd pop in and throw things. Hoping you were going to drag us out to one of the better watering holes. CF