Friday, 11 May 2012

Thornycroft 4 tonner Pt 1

Thornycroft 4 tonner kit
A few months ago Nigel and I were wandering round the Eurotrack show. I'd given this kit the glad eye a couple of times and by the end of the day Eeyore gave up and bought it for me. Now is the time to build it.
The Merit Thornycroft lorry has been around as long as I can remember and this is what I managed in half an hour or so. Chassis, body tray and the bonnet.
I did debate whether to cut it back to a shorter W/B, but decided that I didn't know enough about the prototype to start messing about and I didn't have any photos to refer to. So this is more or less as instructions. Problem is, this is a second hand kit and there are bits missing, so it's a bit of an adventure.
If anyone has photos... do send.

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