Monday 18 June 2012

009 Society Hudson Coach

009 society Hudson Coach
A while back I started this kit by assembling the bogies. Now the whole thing in earnest.
The kit is produced by the society and available only to members - so you need to join. And lets face it if you're working in 009 it's a bit of a no-brainer anyway.

The kit is produced by Parkside Dundas with etches by Niel Sayer and represents the 1923 FR version. This is detailed and drawn in the Boyd WHR book which is none to complimentary about the coaches, stating that they were apt to derail.
As can be seen from the above a little work  (accompanied by a little Philly Joe Jones) got a running unit. The floor drilled 1.5mm and the bolts supplied screwed in. After a little levelling tweaking the nuts were attached and secured with nail varnish (purple in case you need to know - not my usual colour)
009 society Hudson Coach
One plastic side was cleaned up and the safety bars added with some Wilco gel superglue. These are very delicate and a bit of a fiddle the outer pair in particular which seemed a trifle long.

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