Thursday 21 June 2012

Hudson coach 2

After a bit of fiddling and losing one bit under the desk for a while I managed to get all the etched guard-rails attached. Then the fun of getting the whole lot square. The instructions recomend the 'one side, one end ' approach which doesn't always work for me. In this case there is a little bit of a 'wind' in the sides due to the thin mouldings, so a couple of dodgy moments trying to hold it firm without dislodging the etched parts.
009 society Hudson Coach
After a bit of juggling the whole lot went together OK and just visible is the lead sheet UHU'd into each end. This has a bit of a history: I moved into a flat in Worthing on 16th October 1987. That was in the afternoon - in the evening the roof blew off, which was understandably a pain in the arse at the time, but did supply me with a large quantity of lead flashing which I've been using up ever since.
Below is the 'replica' coach on the FR
009 society Hudson Coach

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