Monday, 11 June 2012

Rhiw in RM

Rhiw in RM

RM dropped onto the mat today with a few scenes familiar to readers of this page. The Rhiw article is six pages worth and edited somewhat from the original as is usual with these things. I'm expecting a howl of complaint in the letters page on certain comments of mine and the glaring inaccuracies in the photos. But the layout has been so dissected and photographed here that you lot will not need to read it. However there is a lot of other good stuff within, including an overview of 3mm scale both in the body and in SF's editorial (prompted by my comment page a couple of months back????).

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  1. If you did the 'Wood End; thing again, why not make the side boards the full length of the layout and fix the joining board between them ? That way you can superglue X+15 = lots of fingers before things start to fall over !!!
    From the Playpen !