Friday 20 July 2012

O-16.5 hand-built points

O-16.5 hand-built points
Aside from a little painting there has been much work on the slightly forward planned 7mm ng project. To that end I've been filing away at the nickle silver faster than a 13 year old boy goes through a box of tissues. Nothing startling in the above, the construction of these is covered if you click through the labels link. Needless to say the pointwork is now finished, just plain to do. Now though I've run out of the scrap rail donated from Dave Willet's HO layout. This is a bit of a bugger as I was hoping to do the whole lot out of recycled 8" lengths. Now I'll have to visit Gaugemaster.

Looking at the stats for this page and taking averages and lumping them into a monthly figure I realised that this page gains as many views as the monthly circulation of some of the lesser model magazines. May I take this opportunity of saying thanks for your continued viewing. Have you not got something better to do?

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