Thursday 19 July 2012

Painting the mill for Svanda

Painting the mill for Svanda
Although it may not seem like it from where you're sitting it's been busy here. Yesterday a bit of 7mm ng planning, or more to the point checking and bouncing a few ideas around. Generally though it's been point building (which has been done to death here so I won't bore you with it) and the building up of washes of paint on the Svanda warehouse. The oh so fun roof is more or less done with various greys and green and grey washes, and now building up what I hope will look like flaky paint on the clapboarding using white with a little light grey mixed in and washed. This so the creamy brown bleeds though a little. Did I mention the rather delicate fire escapes at the back? Later.

What did become apparent yesterday was the 95% aspect of finishing things. There are still one or two things to go on Tal-coed as well as possibly increasing the stud on Rhiw. And there I am wandering into pastures new. But don't we all do that? Focus dear boy, focus.

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