Tuesday, 14 August 2012

NSB generator van

NSB generator van
The NSB generator to drop in the middle of the short passenger train. To recap: It's very impressionistic and built around a Roco (I think) DB van with one side cut out and diddled with bits of plastic sheet and strip. The only thing that ain't, are the step hangers which are from scrap brass etch. Painted with acrylics - Humbrol 67 and GW terracotta and scorched brown.

The prototype was built in 1942 (and rebuilt ever since) from a German van with a Deutz diesel lump driving a 50Kw generator for carriage heat and light. Presumably with that build date... by Germans.

In order to get some transfers for the number, I had to scrabble around in the loft for a while, being that I looked in three boxes before I found them in the first. This is always the way. What this did do though was give me a quick review of all the stuff that I have part or unmade. I pondered that while five year plans are all well and good, they mean five layouts. In a small house. Looking at the large-ish box with wagon kits spilling out of the top I wondered whether a Nevard-style backdrop would be a better bet; operationally limited, but geographically negative and somewhere to display said wagonery.

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