Thursday 4 October 2012

A goods shed for Svanda

goods shed for Svanda
Svanda's goods shed with a basic paint job of cream and brick red. As usual the cream is a bitch to get to cover and as with the station building, I mixed a sand and cream from Humbrol direct onto the plastic.
Now awaiting some wet and dry to 'felt' the roof. Am I the only one who calls this 'emery cloth'? My metalwork teacher always referred to wet and dry this way and it's stuck with me.

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  1. Looking good, and yes, most of these lighter colours are a right sod to get to cover. The cafe/bar/tabac building for my pizza layout painted Humbrol cream, but oddly enough it covered pretty well......perhaps because the building is moulded brick plastic and has a fairly rough surface?
    Emery cloth/wet & I understand it, the difference is that emery cloth has a cloth backing (heavier duty....the sort of stuff used to do things to bits of rusty metal) whereas wet & dry is waterproof paper and more for abrading paintwork, etc.