Thursday 18 October 2012

Card station building internals

I could relate to Phil Parker's comment about being a project butterfly a couple of days ago. Not are there only layouts in 009, OO, N and HO either done or being built, there are all the associated small pieces to be done for future layouts. What I should be doing is methodically working through these in some sort of logical order, but like Phil I will do a little to one thing and then move on, or back to another. This does stop the tedium moving in, and does work for me.

Hence the above is a bit more work on the B&E station shelter in 7mm when I should be working on Svanda stuff of the industrial loco for Rhiw. Windows are in, and glazed with packing plastic which is the first bit of non-card used. This assembly is now fitted to the other three walls and sits roofless.

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