Monday, 1 October 2012

Norwegian Gods shed

Norwegian Goods shed
 Gods being the vernacular for goods so I'm told.
I have to paint the above. Not the the real thing, just an HO scale replica scratch-built from Evergreen by Nigel, and not in this colour scheme, but in the 80's cream to match the already built station building.
Norwegian Gods shed
Swinging the camera around fills in the detail somewhat. The location is Mael and the object dead centre is a train ferry. Apparently the site is famous - something to do with heavy water and Kirk Douglas. Quite attractive I think and quite modelable to boot with the ferry and the slip arrangement.Both photos - Nigel Hill

I note that it's the 1st of October: the heating is now on and I'd like to point out that it's Liz McLeans birthday. I haven't seen her since I was 15, but she had black spikey hair and very big tits... I can't think why I would remember that.

A vist to Scaleforum yesterday. Not a great show but lots of chat with friends and a bit of shopping (book on the Taff Vale, 7mm brick sheet, w/m 7mm dome and more 56xx info). The best exhibit was probably the 2mm Wansbeck Road which is wrong for the premier 4mm show. The 80s blue diesels? Sorry I'm not usually layout competitive, but...

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