Monday, 5 November 2012

East London Finescale exhibition

Yesterday a trip across the river into injun country to visit the best kept secret of the model railway exhibition world, namely the the East London Finescale show at Rainham. This was discovered last year and promptly stated as being the best of the year.

A conversation early on with Graham Weller found him saying that he'd been behind the secondhand stall all weekend and hadn't seen the show, but he'd look forward to seeing pictures on the blog. So just for Graham, here's is a photo of the busiest stall in Essex... manned by one dashingly handsome and youthful chap from East Ham.


  1. Bit fed up that I missed it this year as I was working both days, you're right, it is a very good show. When I went 2(?) years ago there was the added attraction of one of those beautifully designed Green Line single decker buses on the shuttle service to and from the railway station.......and a large 0 Gauge modern layout downstairs with all the locos sound-fitted and all on all the time which was rather a distraction when I was trying to take in the atmosphere of Bodmin upstairs. You're right about it being a well-kept secret; it was pretty quiet on the sunday I was there whereas the old venue in East Ham town hall was much busier. Just hope it grows with time.

  2. Agreed. It deserved better attendence.