Saturday 3 November 2012

Saturday Ramble

'...and then I did my famous creepy cat impression. And that's how I met Lloyd-Webber'
I didn't get to ExpoNG this year due to a prior engagement in Lisbon - more on this later when I can extract the photos from an out of date memory card. Though by all accounts it was a show worth going to.

This morning I received a missive informing me of 'suggested B&Bs' to book while attending a show. The reasons for this are that there have been problems with lost deposits etc in the past. I would add that this is a show that I have no record of being formally invited to, and one has to ponder that, being that this is the second time I had this sort of letter from this particular show that if they can't organise the proverbial piss-up with the exhibitors then it's not surprising that the booking of B&Bs for same is beyond them.
Come on chaps... get your act together it can't be that difficult.

I'd like to thank the responses I've had regarding backscenes mainly by email re the post below; the opinions are of course varied, but seem to fall into three camps: no backscene OK, dual front and back controls, swap-able front to back or two different backscenes. There's a lot to think about with what I had in mind.

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  1. And there was me thinking CP was trying to teach the routine to Thriller...