Friday, 9 November 2012

Ruston Cab

Oh dear.
I put the cab together. The use of 'together' implies that it's OK... errr no. The etching is OK in places, but the handrail holes are blown in a couple of places. The w/m back is sort of sqaure to itself, but not to anything else. The short cab floor is square on the out side, but the cut out (which I've now filled with plasicard) is not. Moreover the thickness varies from 6othou in one corner to 40 thou in the opposite. This in theory can't be altered without removing the lugs.

The footplate is in effect in six sections. This is bad design in anybody's book - it should be in one piece with the cab/rad/bonnet dropping on top.

It's a joyous piece of work which I approach with a heavy heart.

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