Thursday 8 November 2012

Ruston chassis frames

Frames all cleaned and squared up. Lucky thing here is that boxy 'modern' shunters have slab frames with no fancy cut-outs.
Before I go on I think it best to investigate the body further.
Photos of the 0-6-0 165s are a bit rare in fact t'internet only throws up one :

BTW if anyone has a few spare OO frame spacers they don't need and can stick in the post to save me cutting down some EM ones, please do so.

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  1. Hi Chris, I just remembered I've got a copy of Eric Tonks's IRS book on Rustons, so far a quick look reveals a 3/4 r/h front view of 165DS 0-6-0 no. 304668 at British Sugar Corp Cantley factory, a 3/4 l/h rear view of 165 DE 312990 aka PWM650 at the R&H works and 3/4 l/h front view 323604 (4'0" gauge outside frame) at the R&H works.....would you like to borrow?