Thursday 21 February 2013

An elderly gentleman's travelling companion

Over the weekend (Sunday lunch in fact) and then this afternoon, two conversations wrapped around the same subject: a) what does one do if exhibition are not do-able by car anymore due to age/eyes/back etc.? b) Would it be possible to build an exhibition piece that is carry-able in one hand? c) Could this, less car, be done by bus or train?

Ignoring flight luggage sizes, is the Eurostar length limit of 85cm (33.5") a go-er for a boxed/folded layout with a handle and all but stock inside?


ps. the layout mentioned in the comments here.


  1. This is a question I've often considered because for various reasons I refuse to own a car. I've worked on a design for a 9mm gauge 3.5mm scale narrow gauge terminus that would fit on a HO FREEMO (German modular standard) setup so I could take it to a FREEMO meeting and plug it into a bigger layout, while operating my section independently. I've also wondered about small models based on IKEA shelves. As I'd be unlikely to bring the model to the UK I'd probably not worry about Eurostar sizes and German railways are pretty generously supplied with luggage space. I think the model was 800-1000mm long from memory. I'll have to track it down...

  2. Have a look at maurice Hopper's layout St. Juliot. This has been designed to be transported by public transport and was exhibited at the St Albans show in January.



  3. Tanllan took the words out of my mouth! St. Juliot is ingeniously designed and offers reasonable operation in a portable package. Chris Krupa's various layouts have mostly been designed to go by public transport, as have Don Sibley's. My own paltry efforts have nearly all been taken to the odd show by train, bus, motorbike or a combination of all three. The N gauge effort in a violin case will be going to the WRG show at Arundel in just over a week, probably by train unless the weather's really good!
    Last time I saw St. Juliot its builder was speculating on ways to waterproof its wrappings.......

  4. Both Brian Cameron of My local 7mm Narrow Guage group with bottem lane and a fried at my club have layouts which either have been or do go to layouts by train
    These are either layouts that sit on Tables or have short layouts
    Richard Preece

  5. The problem with public transport is that it frequently doesn't go anywhere near the sort of out-of-town venue that many shows use. It's also more expensive than petrol money, especially if you need 2 operators and probably doesn't run on Sunday evening to get you home.

    All of which is a great pity as I would love to do all my shows by train.

    Of course, if it worked, then you'd end up with shows full of micro layouts which would cost a fortune in accomodation.

    Another point - how many VISITORS travel by public transport? Bet it's less than 2% for most shows. I've know railway modellers proud to never get on a train...