Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Buildings worth modelling - Devizes

On the way back from NGSW and on the way to Sunday lunch at a secret location in Wiltshire this brick shed caught my eye, so much so that I turned round, parked up and took photos. I'm guessing  that as the floor is raised, that it maybe some sort of feed store. Being that it was on the approach track to a farm would make this probable, however how much of it is original is open to question. The footprint to height ratio makes it an ideal prototype for a non-railway building to use as a view -block.  Can anyone explain the style , use, or indeed the window shapes?
Further to the above: It would seem that the general opinion both here and via email that the structure is ornamental. With that I tend to agree, but I'm wondering if it is a two stage build; the floor being older, and above that a later upper structure added using the interesting bond and window shapes. Which still doesn't answer... why?
The building stands on the west approach to Devizes on the A361 at Caen Hill should you wish to google.


  1. Most unusual. The brick bond is interesting, and the pitch of the roof. I doubt that it was a farm building simply because it would be in a vernacular style...this has been built despite the expense of the brickwork and extra roof area. I hope someone has some information!

  2. I suspect a folly. Surely too decorative for anything else? Wouldn't mind it at the bottom of the garden though!

  3. If you have more info on the location I might be able to find it for you

  4. Well, now that I've found it on the map I realise that I pass by it every time I visit Avebury (which I'm writing about for my blog) so I could discover its use for certain. However, I've managed to find this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Devizes_locks_plan.png and so far as I can make out, your building is roughly where the G of G.P Caen Hill is printed, which, combining the old map and google maps, puts it smack next to the entrance road to what was Caen Hill Brickworks. My guess would be that this was the site office cum gate house/weigh-house, hence the elaborate brickwork. Hope that helps. Colin

  5. I appreciate I'm two years late but as Colin says this was at the entrance to the brickworks and I always assumed it was an entrance lodge with the bonus of advertising the products. I'm just blogging a photo I took of it back in about 1972. It is still there, of course.. I'm in full agreement that it is a lovely building.