Monday 25 February 2013

What I bought...

I'm still being good. While others on the locality walked away with several hundred pounds worth of German locos and the like, I stuck to my guns and bought only a bag of Woodlands Scenics fluff to go on Svanda and the above at eight quid. This was the sort of thing I used to read years ago when I virtually lived in the Sussex Room of Lewes library; the sort of book that doesn't get published anymore. That is; mostly text and a few plates, and if the preface is anything to go by, written with unforced humour as well. I'm guessing that while the Marx volumes may give more detail, this is the one to get for the LBSCR if you actually want to get to know the line. Anything which opens the proceedings with Wilde's Lady Bracknell, is worth pursuing.

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