Tuesday 26 February 2013

Gutter snipe

 A few people have rather sneeringly questioned the existence of this page, or more to the point why I bother doing it. Well apart from it being described as 'entertaining and educational' (huh?) it throws the net of desire out to the wider world. One example is here: a few months ago I was bemoaning the lack of ideal material for gutters and pipes in 7mm. Lo and behold readers of this page subsequently pressed these materials into my hand. The above is umbrella rib with the ends blocked with a little sprue from the scrapbox, below some single core mains cable.
I pondered on the pipe clamps that hold it to the wall. According to David Taylor's Bridport articles, Sooty does whitemetal ones. However I don't really want to go there. Impressionistic being the watch word, fell upon using a sliver of 4mm  Slaters corrugated plastic - this giving an impression of the double rib on the clamp. It won't fold back, but that may look a bit fussy anyway.


  1. "A few people have rather sneeringly questioned the existence of this page, or more to the point why I bother doing it." - While they have been hard at work curing cancer or maybe just slagging each other off on forums?

    Blogging is fun and if we fill the Interweb up with model railway content, especially the stuff that shows we make things rather than buy them, then that has to be a good thing.

  2. I second Phil, and the bit about making things rather than buying them. Chris, your blog is great and very enjoyable to read. Forums kind of remind me of the school playground all over again, with the bullies and the cliques. No thanks. Umbrella ribs takes me back to John Ahern, and there's not much wrong with that!

  3. I always read the blog, Chris. Proper 'Man on the street' modelling (that's a compliment!), and if you can get a reaction from the likes of me, you must be doing something right. Graham

  4. Rather blushingly I feel that the wrong end of the stick has been grabbed. I wasn't fishing for compliments or an answer to why this crap gets published online. My point was that by advertising a problem here, people are kind enough to respond and help with specific materials and advice. However it's good to know that the waffle is read and enjoyed nevertheless