Thursday 21 March 2013

1850's wagon

Nigel's scratchbuilt wagon exits the Ouse Valley paintshop. The base coat is Halfords grey primer topped with Humbrol acylics.
This is the first (and rather an advance guard) of the forthcoming Gauge O project. This will be a freelance epic representative of 1840s -1850s practice with a cut off of 1860, i.e. nothing that's going to get touched by the kit makers and a period when railways were buying of the peg from the likes of Bury and a slew of tiny builders. The information for this is scarce, and most of it is in the form of odd drawings and sketches. So generic designs will be the order of the day. So although this from an assumed drawing of a MR single plank open, it is more to the point a typical single brake, dumb buffered basic wagon of the period.

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