Monday, 1 April 2013

Hawk Pt 3

 As usual I'm just using the instructions as a guide so instead of starting to add the pretty bits I moved over to running gear. I don't care how good it looks, if it won't move under it's own power then it's useless.
The kit comes with a small Mashima motor and a Branchlines SL mount. However the big bearings are again present, and I can't stress enough how little room there is to play with between the frames, so once again they had to be reduced. This time though I soldered them in first and saved my fingertips by having the mount to hang onto. The mount was drilled to take the motor screws, then folded and the LRM axle used to square up. It looks narrow here, but it's a smidge over 6mm wide and the back to back for 009/09 is about 7.5mm so when those figures are put together you soon see how tight it all is. Finally solder was run down the folds to firm-up.


  1. This sounds sooooo like the way I build things. Soldering in the bearings to give you something to hold on to, filing them away to next to nothing, instructions used as packing.

    Is there another way?

  2. I'll have to find the "Hawk" that lurks in whichever box the 009 is in.....I can't remember how far along I got with it before something else distracted me, or what I did about the bearings.
    Mine is intended to go under an old K's TVR "S" Class, which is a cunningly disguised Hudswell, Clarke contractors' tank.....I've seen pics of similar locos out in Oz, some with narrower footplates, although even as it comes, the loco is smaller than a GEM "Dennis"!


  3. PP: I think we all find our own way of doing things. I don't ignore the instuctions, I just float around within them. Getting a running unit first seems entirely logical.

    Ahh... now I rember you saying this. Surprised you've still got it. The Hudswell sounds interesting on its own though.