Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Hawk Pt 2

 Welcome to part 2 of the is it, or is it not a Cuckoo competition.
I thought I had some straw hat bearings in the loft. No. The instructions say that the kit is based on 'standard components'. This means you get dirty great top-hat bearings which are to be mounted with the lip inside and filed flush on the outside...Nah, asking for trouble. I filed them down first. Being griped in a vice to do this would crush them, so I spent the best part of an hour removing the skin off the end of my LH index finger instead. This got the lip down to the 20 thou thickness of the frame etching.
All four were soldered on with 145 using a frame jiggy thing from LRM to ensure squarishness. Note the large lump of high melt solder to reinforce the bends as there appear to be no framespacers in the design.I'm not holding out a lot of hope for this.

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