Thursday, 18 April 2013

When I'm Cleaning Windows

 So how come these are the right way up? Technology, don't you just love it?

I get guilty. What I should be doing is finishing the Stroudley coach which is now on the home straight. So onto glazing. The kit comes with some 2mm-ish bendy perspex coated with peel-off stuff on both sides. Measuring the inside of a box with a foot long ruler is not easy, but with a little guessing I got one bit shaped to fit with a tongue to slot into the bulkhead gap (below).
 Having peeled my plastic it was secured with a dollop of UHU in each corner and backed up with some pound-shop masking tape. I use miles of this to stick music together and know that it will peel off in a few minutes, but after that welds itself to a surface for all time. Some brown paint will cover it up later.
 Main sections done.

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