Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hastings on a murky day

 Last week I wandered via train over to see Stig in Hastings. Interesting place is Hastings full of seaside tat and a run-down vibe, but one that I find very appealing. There is plenty on the rail front as well. Above, a photo of the town end of the 10.25" miniature railway
 Stig's very own 14mm gauge sewage works layout which deserves to see the light of day far more often.
 Not one, but two funiculars. This at the East Cliff
Regulars will know that I can't resist a signal box. A vast amount of detail for the modeller.

1 comment:

  1. The photos came out well then!
    Yes, you're right, the sewage works does need to get out more (but then so do I). Only show in prospect at the moment is ExpoNG 2014 so I need to extract a digit and build the loco. You'll be pleased to know that Hastings signal box is safe at least for a few years as it is not part of the Three Bridges scheme......this is despite the colour light signals at the western end of the station having been recently replaced with brand spanking new LED ones.
    I may get slightly distracted......the weekend trip to the Corris model railway show saw yours truly's rucksack laden with 5 tram kits.