Saturday, 26 October 2013

Expo NG

Expo NGExpo NG tal coed

What a great show. Very high quality layouts and a day rammed with chat.

Tal-coed ran as well as could be expected and to my right I could watch COD's Shell Bay (top) still one of my favourite 009 layouts even though it's some 20 years old now.
My thanks as always to Nigel for riding shotgun all day.


  1. For those who were not present, the modesty in the above should be exposed. Chris won (having previously done so jointly with Nigel Hill for "WOOD END" in 2000) the Reinier Hendriksen trophy with "TAL-COED".

    Christopher Payne

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    1. My own congratulations added to Christopher's for the well deserved award of the Reinier Hendriksen Trophy for 2013. Truly in the spirit of the late Reinier's modelling ethos. This is my second attempt at commenting due to geriatric typo producing fingers!


  3. Congratulations, Chris, very well deserved award! Tal Coed is a lovely layout as I told you at NGSW earlier in the year.

    Tom D