Friday 1 November 2013

Furness Railway signal box Bootle

Furness Railway signal box

After the excitement of Expong the only thing to do was to take a few days of from the bump and grind of the music biz and take Mrs F. off to the Lakes. Yeah OK so there are railways in the Lakes and I had a small camera with me.

Not only did we stay five minutes walk from the Ratty ('What I surprise, I couldn't have guessed our B&B was so close to a railway. Well fancy that'. *cough*) which I needed a couple of photos of, but also five minutes from a great pub that used to be Ravenglass station and therefore the old Furness line between Barrow and Maryport. What a nice change from dahn sarf with most things gone and fences everywhere. Here there is lots left to photograph and you are free to wander where you wish. The above at Bootle - I have all elevations of this and the boxes at Foxfield and Ravenglass, plus a few other ex Furness buildings. Expect more.
Needs a return visit...

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