Thursday 21 November 2013

Bembridge and 009 railcar

 Things are slowing for a minute so at 1.45 this morning I got back to a bit of modelling - the neighbours have mentioned that they don't like me drilling in to walls at that time - bloody day jobbers...

A visit to the Hayling show over the weekend which was set up just celebrate the 50 years since the Hayling branch closed. Nice little show, old school club feel to it with a good spread of layouts. Nice to see the model of Bembridge (above). It's been around a while, and is such a lovely track plan with the sector plate (or is it a turntable?) that I can't see why it's not been used more often.

 Up on the bench at the moment is a bash of the Parkside FR Bro Madog coach into a railcar inspired by the 4 wheeled example on the DHLR. Two sides are shortened and one stuck to the ends, now time for the floor section cut around a Kato tram chassis. Not pretty, but functional.

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  1. Nice bit of chain drilling there mate..........!