Tuesday 19 November 2013


Don't move house.
Well do, but accept the short term consequences. Leaving the old house in sunny Rodmell was good: I'd been there for thirteen years and had tired of the semi-rural existence where it is necessary to get in the car for every single thing, there were memories of bad days and I'd gotten fed up with the game of fire cleaning/no central heating and sleeping in the loft which had a temperature variation from -5 - +90 deg.
Moving back into town seemed like a good idea - it still is, but even if you are even slightly contemplating a shift think on.

I have a book project underway and I need to practice at least a little. Since September the whole thing has gone tits up as I'm spending my whole day on house stuff which at Rodmell had all been done. I'm still working on the bathroom project, while Mrs F. is  slowly decorating my workshop/study. This has completely curtailed any modelling as as soon as I do anything it gets moved while she paints skirting or something and by the next morning it's all vanished. I have books spread over four rooms, and as for tools and modelling material... it could be anywhere at any given moment. The whole process is quite frankly a pain in the arse.

You have been warned.


  1. Thanks but it's too late, we move on Thursdsy!

  2. Eleven months since I moved from the old hovel to the new one.......haven't needed to do house stuff as it's rented, live mostly on my own so no-one moves stuff for me while I'm not looking and have STILL managed to do bugger all........

  3. Sorry to hear of the housemoving woes...it is hellish stressful. I've been here 7 years and am still trying to locate things!