Friday, 27 December 2013


I did think that this would be pretty quick to put together, not so. The mouldings are fairly good, but there is a little flash to clean off. More than that though is the poor mould-making; the front mudguards in particular. These look as though the original was made from two separate curved pieces to get the overall width, however they aren't lined up so there is a pronounce step across the cab side parts.
So far then it's a nice little kit that needs a bit of work to get it to where it should be. As I mentioned earlier, the instructions are a bit vague and my knowledge of all things lorry is not all that comprehensive, when it should be as I spent a good portion of my early teen years working on the (then) modern equivalents.

The secondary issue is my current use of Humbrol Poly. Not impressed. I have two bottles here which were given to me by Mrs F's father when he gave up modelling a couple of years back. It's dreadful stuff: very fumy, and too fierce. The MEK that I use as a default evaporates quickly and bites in the same manner. This however takes a long time to grab and even five or ten minutes later is still in melt mode. It may get thrown away soon, but I may keep the little square bottle as it seem virtually tip-proof.

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  1. Liquid Poly 70? I have a vague recollection of being told by a mate at school that it had something added to make it smell nasty as a deterrent to glue-sniffers. Certainly remember it being a bit whiffy but it was all that I could get hold of until my horizons widened enough to get to the model shop at the other end of town. Yeah, the bottle with the built- in brush was pretty good though I am sure I managed to tip one over at least once.
    Funny feeling that was about when the kit you are now building was first introduced........!
    Happy sniffing,