Wednesday 25 December 2013


 Just for something different to do over the break, I picked this kit out of the pile: a Coopercraft AEC Monarch. I think I picked this up at a show for £3.50 simply because it was there and because I hadn't built one.
The instructions are a bit sketchy and if you have no commercial vehicle knowledge there is a bit of guessing. I'd worked out the at the chassis cross pieces should be level with the top, but the front one? I cut out the gearbox/drive shaft piece and waggled it about until I thought that it would go behind the axle and lower than the other three. Someone shout if that's wrong.
I that's your thing, a Happy Christmas to you.


  1. Looks about right to me. I made a Coppercraft lorry recently. Standard of castings was pretty poor, compared to more recent models, but it made into a decent lorry.

    I got a bah humbug hat, which suited me well. :-)

  2. I've just had a look at my Cooper Craft Bedford for clues but it's a totally different chassis as you might expect.

    I wonder if the other Anonymous' CC lorry is one of these as the toolling/moulding on the AEC Monarch Chris has was and is with their wagon kits.
    Cooper Craft has changed hands several times since and unfortunately the standard of more recent releases like the Bedford is nowhere near as good.
    You CAN get a decent model out of the Bedford kit but it's a hell of a lot of work whereas the Monarchs pretty much fell together.
    Things like the cab glazing are particularly poor on the Bedford......I really must finish mine..
    Happy Bah Humbug........managed to swerve doing anything much, which is a bit of a result.


    1. Thanks for the reminder Stig. Mine was a Bedford and I recall that the cab was a shocker to put together. The curved roof sections just didn't match up so it required considerable fettling and filling to make it look half decent.

      Chris OD

    2. One major problem with the kit is that it doesn't resemble any actual model of AEC lorry. With the beading on the side I've even wondered if it might have inadvertently been based on a AEC bus conversion.