Saturday, 14 December 2013

Brake ends

More progress on the brake van. Roof, ends and brakes to do. Behind, the famous scrapbox.

I note that blogger is playing up again. Unsupported browser... I'm using Windows 7 and Explorer 10. Is that how fast the obsolescence happens now?
I know Mr Fulljames will suggest wordpress, but it seems a bit complex compared to this.


  1. I'm still on Win XP (because I like it!) and use IE8 and it works fine EXCEPT on Blogspot where I get the same as you do - "unsupported browser". As IE8 is my default and preferred browser, I can use it for everything else and it works OK for me in browing my own, yours and others blogs, but not when I try to update my own. For this I have been using Google Chrome, which works with the blogspot very well. In fact it works with just about everything else very well and better than Internet Explorer in that it is much faster; but because I am averse to change, particularly when thrust upon me, I stick to IE except when I need to write to my own blogsite and then it is a quick changeover to Chrome for that. Works OK for me!


  2. Yeah, try Chrome first before Wordpress.