Monday, 16 December 2013

Modeller buys book shock

As I'm wandering round wasting time in Worthing most days between bouts of coffee scrounging and getting sprayed with glitter by TV gardeners, a natural point is to use the great WH Smith library. This caught my eye a couple of weeks ago and I finally caved in today. 143 pages of B/W photos taken on plate cameras. No specific rail items, but a hefty resource for the modeller especially if buildings are your thing. I tend to work on the 'John Reeve 50p rule' - if the cover price is lower than the amount of useful photos @ 50p each I'll buy. If not, I'll think about it. This priced at £5.99 is a bargain.


  1. "Sprayed with glitter by TV gardeners" eh? How is the fragant Ms Dimmock? I met her at Hampton Court and she was quite charming.

    Chris OD