Friday, 20 December 2013

Saturday ramble

 More or less done now, just the stove pipe to add.
For those regular readers it will come as no surprise that I've been in moving house hell. The biggest problem is that overnight I lost my work space. It did exist, but it was undecorated, with a carpet fit only for a squat, and all the other junk piled up in it. Now, thanks to Mrs F's hard work mainly, I have a vast room some 13x 8 to work in with new carpet and plain light-reflecting white walls. the bench is back in and I can work without having to put everything away each time. Bliss...

I pondered this morning after I noticed that my navy blue hoody that I was just about to go to work in was covered in the white dust from the plasticard that I'd spent the previous hour sanding and filing. It occurred to me that if I'd been a chef, the white powder could cause a lot of problems if I have to fire the servants. Luckily my culinary delight this week has only stretched to beans on toast and Weatherspoon's meal deals, so probably not too much to worry about.

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  1. When she has finished decorating your house, do send her round to ours.