Wednesday, 1 January 2014

AEC 3 New Year- old year

First I need to say Happy New Year to all the lost souls who wander in here on a daily basis. If you wander over to Phil's blog - and if you don't why not? - he has done a sort of blog round robin of his year. I won't go into the detail as he's has done, but it was a waste of a few minutes to actually look at what's happened here in the last twelve months. The rough numbers are about 3,800 'pageviews' a month, whatever that means, so about 40-45,000 a year I suppose, and for what.... ?
I started the year with not only the tail end of the Svanda build, which is now on the circuit, but the start of the 7mm buildings for the new narrow gauge project, finishing the 7mm Stroudley coach and about half of the Branchlines Hawk chassis. Then it all went tits up on two levels. House sale and small book deal. The former disturbed everything, but has changed my whole life, the later has forced me to drop almost everything else to build another 009 layout which will more than likely be sold as soon as it is born. I was actually quite surprised at not only what needed to be finished, but the varied amount of work done.

The present is more info sent by Nigel this morning. The above photo is a 1930 (slightly prior to the Coopercraft kit) AEC Monarch. Points to note: flat cab front, square windows, lights on mudguards, and racing bike wheels. So if you stir the previous post photo with the proud driver and this one together, the kit shape is what you get. Is the roof flat or slightly domed?


  1. I like to think we are entertaining people and stopping them fermenting revolution which is doubtless what they would be doing if they weren't being distracted by reading about model making. Now if you excuse me, I must go and collect a Nobel Peace prize...

  2. Ah, but that has a vertical windscreen! Have a look at this I think they are Mammoths but visually they seem to be the closest match yet. I love the dairy tanker bodies as well