Saturday, 4 January 2014


I can't remember in previous years being quite glad that panto finishes today. No more Daisy the cow and magic axes and the giant's trousers falling off. It's been a long run this year and I'll be glad to get back to the usual routines. This may say more about age than anything else. There is a lot a to do: I'm half way through painting the AEC and I have an 009 layout to put together and write up.

The above is a small quiz. The first right answer in the comment box gets a free seat in the stalls for Sunday's show. Identify what and where.


  1. The new budget testbed for HS2?

  2. Les, somewhere on the R&ER. He is a Lister under interesting bodywork which is miniature at one end and narrow gauge a t'other.

  3. Lister diesel Les on the R&ER, outside the steam loco shed.

    A day late but never mind missing the Sunday show (in Worthing) as I haven't got an up to date transit visa to get me through the entry checkpoint from Dorset into Hampshire and out again into West Sussex.

    And Happy New Year!


  4. Correct. Specifically Lister-Blackstone. At Ravenglass a few months ago. The catch being that the first line of the post reveals that there is thankfully for me no show today.
    Wiki and Gnatterbox have a lot more detail than I want to put here, and there were drawings in NGI Review a while back, but it would be a cracking subject for one of the 3D print mob of kit makers... 7mm scale to fit on a Kato tram chassis. Steve???

    1. The curves and angles might be a bit awkward for a 3D print, but you could perhaps use a cleaned up print as a master for resin casting. What issue of NG&I was it in?

  5. I've only got p/copies, but the text indicates post-1999 and it's pages 344 & 345 Side elevation and plan in 16mm scale.