Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Coopercraft AEC 4

Coopercraft AEC
 What was supposed to be a quick Christmas throw away has taken a week of fiddling and even now with the camera's cruel eye I notice that the lamps are a bit pissed. Interesting little kit to build, most of the time has been taken up with the research which has been indicated earlier. What has been acquired is that AEC appeared to change the design with the season and while this may not at first glance look like a standard design, it's doubtful whether there was ever a standard design. I would though be interesting to see what Mr Coopercraft used as the prototype. There must have been one. What I've done then is cut off the body rails and diddle with the cab front a bit to make it look like the B/W photo on the earlier post.
Where's it going to end up? Who knows.
If the Lister-Blackstone would prove a modelling problem, then how about this? Tucked away in a corner at Amberley in July.

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  1. Thakeham no. 4 I believe. If you make a model can you do it in 14mm gauge? !