Friday 14 February 2014

Rain, rain go away.

I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing this depressing weather would go away. Living in a flood prone area I made a point of moving well above the water line so I'm not in the position that some poor bastards are, but it is just so miserable and as far as this subject goes it's the bad light that drives me down. I can't see to do anything. The old house has a big window and a big view which let in a lot of light for modelling. I knew I would lose that, but this non- daylight is driving me into a pit of doom.

Yesterday, off to Crawley  - the home of the suicide bomber -  well if you want cheering up where better than Nigel's. I took along the small stock of 4mm GW stock to run on Svanda to see how it coped with the pointwork. The results were good and we soon had a few BR wagons hooked up and a little basic shunting was carried out. This is all good news as although a little way down the line opens up the possibilities for the Art of Compromise plan build. Regulars will know the back story and if you don't, click on the AotC tag to learn more.

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  1. I vaguely remember the AofC but wasn't aware of it not being doable. I llok forward to seeing how you make it happen. And yeh, thoroughly fed up with this wet. How much longer can it go on?