Saturday, 15 February 2014

Roco diesel conversion

Roco diesel conversion 009
 Basically done, and for here today a little compare and contrast. Above the original model that has has a couple of alterations done before I got it, namely the chimney and bufferbeams filed flat. All that I've really done is wrap a new cab around the bottom half of the old one and re-do the grill so that both aren't quite so Germanic. Cab from 20 thou black plastic, grill from an A1 kit courtesy of Stig,some .8mm wire handrails and and a length of Mercontrol tube rammed into the bonnet top in an unlikely, but balancing position.
It's had two paintings: the fist in green didn't look right so a return to safe mode and lightly weathered black with Humbrol acrylics. Just nameplatery, driver and a Greenwich coupling to go on.
Quite a fun project, and I'd definitely do another if a good s/h one came up.
Roco diesel conversion 009

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