Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The joy of setts

The joy of setts
No I haven't grown a beard...

I wanted a small unloading area on Edge and gradually that morphed into having it laid with setts. Firstly a little research opens up the usual minefield of sizes etc. Then there is the how. I went for the DAS and scribe game. I hadn't played this one since the hut on Pinchingfield, but thought I'd give it a go. Thumbed on DAS over a coat of PVA scribed with a leather-working needle, individual stones painted and then a wash of black and grey. I had a bit of a cracking problem while the DAS was drying which I don't remember from before, so a bit of spit and rubbing down with the finger was required.

A Nigel thought from the weekend. If Scotland get independence does this mean that Ian Futers' layouts will have to appear in Continental Modeller?

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