Friday, 7 March 2014

Are friends electric?

Isn't this nice? I tripped over the site while I was looking for something else, as you do. This photo throws up questions until you realise that there is an incline carrying wagons (or a wagon) with dirty great lumps of marble on them riding transversely just out of shot. It's one of those modellable situations that would just look stupid as the stone is so big.
The loco is diesel now, originally overhead electric and is quite large. I estimate the front of the bonnet at 5'6"ish judging against the height of the operative. Take a look.

BN18 9HG


  1. Neil Rushby is working on something in resin along these lines at the moment.

    (Acapulco plates posted today, incidentally)

  2. An overhead cableway, a railway, a transverse incline (phrasing?) and another railway. That is some operation.