Friday 28 March 2014


I really should tidy up. There are about a dozen post items which just need sorting and writing up. Not least the local stuff and a bunch of photos from the Ratty taken last year. The above at Ravenglass is lovely: no room for a signal post? No problem. I assume the shed is newer and blocked the view of the starter - or maybe the other way around. A nice idea for a different model signal.

 The L&B wagon continues... not very fast, but trying to position strapping which is only .75mm wide and getting it to stick is quite fun. There are also more issues. The one below was another instruction glitch. 'Sweat sides on., Yes OK, done that. 'Repeat with ends.' Err no. You can't do that without folding the sides up as it won't sit flat which is five moves on. Moral: Ignore instructions. Note poorly shaped bufferbeam.

There have also been strapping issues. There is a nice p/copy of the fret showing numbered positions of the bits, but I could only locate two vertical straps and not four. So it's now all a bodge with me making up straps and a top hung early version from what I could find. All that extra solder is much reduced now. The problem is there is a minimum that you need on the tip of the iron to make it work, which is a bit too much for the job.

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